Paradox Metal

Paradox Metal is a company that produce and develops slug models for the hunting industry. More than 20 years, the passion of the company founder Fatih Demircan has lead him to produce effective slug models for a big game. Paradox Metal carries out a production policy based on solution-partnered production that will truly meet the expectations of a hunter from a slug. In this sense, by making improvements on existing slug models in the world, new designs have been created that will benefit you to obtain your prey as soon as possible. There fore, the design of all slug models produced within our company is a characteristic that will reflect all the energy of the slug on the target an expand and crumble. We invite you to discover the quality differences of our products for your big game hunts...

Item No: PM-1250
Item No: PM-1211
Item No: PM-1210
Item No: PM-1213